Casa Angelina – Shoot

The Interview 

The charming Boutique Hotel in Praiano Casa Angelina interviews Farella Capri about the photo shoot taken in their wonderful structure immersed in the blue of the Amalfi Coast

Why did Farella Capri choose Casa Angelina for the photo shoot?

Farella Capri is a brand full of color. Despite the rather simple lines of the garments, Farella dares a lot through the combination of intense and bright colors. There are few patterns and few elaborate fabrics but many clear colors very often expressed through the use of striped or checkered. A sort of play of backgrounds on a delicate and elegant white canvas that we have found in the architecture and design of Casa Angelina.

Beyond the chromatic issue, we consider the contemporary aesthetics of Casa Angelina to be interesting; despite the place full of tradition in which, like us, it is immersed, it manages to distinguish itself by enhancing the Mediterranean spirit through a current approach and in step with the times.

What inspired the mood of the photo shoot?

The mood chosen for the photoshoot was mainly inspired by the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast but devoid of cliches and considered in its most essential condition. There is the Mediterranean landscape, there are lemons and stripes sweaters but all re-proposed with a delicate and gentle key.

Another source of inspiration were the architectural lines of Casa Angelina and its wonderful terraces that are simple and at the same time respectful of the unique landscape that surrounds them.

What was the photographer’s intention and what photographic style did you choose?

The photographer together with the stylist and the brand management opted for a “real” and contemporary approach to photography, putting aside high resolution and aggressive post-production and preferring a low-fi photography. We consider the advent of instagram and social media a sort of paradoxical return to the real image, it distrusts fiction, preferring it to humanity and imperfection. For this reason, two non-professional models, no make-up artists and hairstylists were chosen in order to truly convey the atmosphere that any potential Farella customer or guest of Casa Angelina can experience even only through the vision of that image; the intention was therefore of an image matching reality perfectly.

In which part of the Hotel were most of the photos taken?

Most of the shots were taken in the beautiful transparent terraces immersed in the blue of Casa Angelina which, in contrast with the bright white environment, become the perfect backgrounds for colorful and minimal clothing like ours.

Another extremely popular place was the environment surrounding the Lemon Pergola, full of bright yellow lemons and delicate in its Mediterranean spirit.


Finally, with a little surprise, the shots taken in the main rooms were amazingly successful: the warm color of the floor, the picture windows and the white columns perfectly matched the linen and silk garments of the collection.

Below you can find the link to the interview from the Casa Angelina website:

Farella Capri Shoots Newest Campaign at Casa Angelina