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Casa Angelina – Shoot

The Interview  The charming Boutique Hotel in Praiano Casa Angelina interviews Farella Capri about the photo shoot taken in their wonderful structure immersed in the blue of the Amalfi Coast Why did Farella Capri choose Casa Angelina for the photo shoot? Farella Capri is a brand full of color. Despite the rather simple lines of ...

Via Fuorlovado Capri – Shoot

Photo shoot in collaboration with Aurora Capri restaurant and Grazia & Marica Vozza jewelry company This collaboration stems from the idea of uniting three Capri companies located in the characteristic Via Fuorlovado street   Link per le aziende: https://www.graziaemaricavozza.com/site/en/ http://www.auroracapri.com/home.htm


FdfDesign x FarellaCapri

A project born from the creative meeting between the Capri interior designer Francesco Della Femina and the Farella Capri company, 2018 Link di riferimento: http://www.fdfdesign.it https://www.ilmattino.it/napolismart/in_evidenza/capri_moda_design_nello_store_farella_via_fuorlovado-3950199.html