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ANIMA INSULAE Exhibition 2022

Our company, as artisanal and familiar, has been selected as one of the subjects photographed for the “Anima Insulae” exhibition dedicated to the portrait of the inhabitants of the Islands of Capri and Procida. The exhibition was held in the historic Villa Lysis in June 2022.


Casa Angelina – June 2021

Photo shoot made in collaboration with the 5 * Hotel Casa Angelina in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast. The hotel houses a small and charming boutique overlooking the sea where you can buy some of our iconic pieces. Link: https://www.casangelina.com/it/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw24qHBhCnARIsAPbdtlKCu_IL9oPxvPk35u-sSvi09nY8F2SrkB1ex-2NfZw2rlJMeYer7rsaAuTJEALw_wcB


Lo Pittore Capri – Shoot

Photo shoot taken in the splendid Capri villa “Lo Pittore”, 2014 Giacca Marina realizzata in lana merino Pull in cashmere 4 fili con taglio kimono Stola in cashmere leggero realizzata con i telai manuali Kimono in cashmere leggero realizzato con i telai manuali Cardigan in cashmere 4 fili Cardigan modello alzettone senza maniche in lana merino ...

Narcissus Capri – Shoot

Photo shoot taken in the eclectic and historic Villa Narcissus in Capri Stola triangolare con frangia caprese Abito traforato Top in cotone con lavorazione onda Giacca in lana merino Stola in cashmere leggero realizzata con telai manuali   Di seguito il link all’articolo: http://www.caprireview.it/sommari/eclettiche-dimore/